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Whatever your project, from a restaurant's interior to homeland security projects, Bay State Wiring Company meets your challenges expertly, efficiently, and cost-effectively. We are known for our attention to detail and quality workmanship, and we guard that reputation on every job, from the moment we walk on, until the work is completed to your satisfaction.

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New Land Port of Entry – Van Buren, ME


Electrical Contract Value: $4,000,000 The New Land Port of Entry in Van Buren, ME was a new construction project with a $4M electrical construction contract that was completed on time and within budget. The remote location of this project in a small town at the northern tip of Maine (population 2,200) with long hard winters made this project extremely challenging in terms of getting labor and material to the site. Bay State Wiring purchased a 3-family home near the project to house our travelers from Massachusetts, who worked this project and the Hamlin Land Port of Entry project out of this location as well. IBEW Local 567 provided the local help, many of whom also came considerable distances to work the project.

The project consisted of three buildings, the Main Port Building, the Secondary Inspection Building and the Commercial Building.  The site work consisted of three primary inspection lanes and two secondary inspection lanes as well as roadway lighting and security cameras in the inspection areas and on the roads leading into and out of the port. Most challenging on all port of entry projects is the installation of the RPM (Radiation Portal Monitoring) system, which is designed to detect radioactive cargo in vehicles, which could be used by terrorists to make “dirty” bombs.  Our experience installing this type of system at the Calais and Hamlin Land Ports of Entry helped make this process go smoothly on this project.

The project was built on a design-build basis by the same team that built the Calais Land Port of Entry project.  The team was assembled by the General Contractor and selected by the GSA as a direct result of our success on the Calais project and the team made this project equally successful.


New Land Port of Entry and Border Station

Calais, Maine
Contract Price: $5,000,000

The New Land Port of Entry and Border Station in Calais, ME was a new construction project with a $5M electrical construction contract that was completed on time and within budget. The project achieved a LEED Green Building Gold Rating and is part of the U. S. General Services Administration Design Excellence Program, which is intended to create facilities that ultimately become respected landmarks.


Initial challenges on the project revolved around the extensive site work. Bay State Wiring Company, Inc. installed over 17 miles of PVC conduit underground with over 8 miles of that being in the form of 4-inch duct banks. Coordination efforts were extensive in planning site power, telecommunications, roadway lighting, security, electrical grounding and snow melting.


Building interior systems also required extensive coordination. Over nine miles of interior metal conduit was installed in the building including threaded rigid metal conduit and electrical metallic tubing.


Also very challenging was the installation of the extensive switchgear and the 2-megawatt generator, which was critical to the safety and security of the buildings occupants.

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And finally, the extensive building and site lighting system including integrated intelligent building wide lighting control required precision planning, installation and commissioning. Proper lighting levels and elimination of unwanted shadows in many areas were considered a matter of national security.

It has been our pleasure to serve as electrical subcontractor to J & J Contractors, Inc. for the construction of this building for the United States General Services Administration with the design team of Robert Siegel Architects and Ove Arup and Partners Consulting Engineers.

It has truly been a pleasure working with Joe Giurleo and his team at Bay State Wiring. They are great people to work with, really care about quality and craftsmanship, and have been proactive in identifying ways of doing things that will increase the quality or reduce cost while still delivering their work on schedule. They take the time to coordinate with other trades, to plan out their work, and to make sure they get things right. Robert Siegel, Principal, Robert Siegel Architects

The New Fitness Center at Hanscom Air Force Base

Hanscom Field, Bedford, Massachusetts
Contract Price: $950,000

As a design-build team project, there were many challenges to overcome on this project. First there was the underground layout, critical to performance and aesthetics with many exposed structure ceilings including the atrium skylights running the entire length of the building over the main corridor, making it virtually impossible to cross this corridor with any type of wiring method after the floor slab was poured. Then there was the challenge of fitting a large number of switchboards, panelboards and transformers into relatively small electrical equipment rooms. The Cutler-Hammer Integrated Facilities System (IFS) was used to consolidate switchboards, panelboards, transformers and disconnect switches into single assemblies in each electric room. Also, critical was the execution of life safety system changes late in the project, when it was discovered that the owner-furnished emergency generator would not be available in time for the Fitness Center opening date. A complete system of emergency battery fluorescent ballasts was integrated into the lighting system seamlessly in time for the project opening date.


Food Lab Expansion at the U. S. Army Soldier Systems Center

Natick, Massachusetts
Contract Price: $735,000

This project presented some unique challenges in expanding and upgrading the food laboratory facility that is used to develop new and better ways to feed the men and women of our military forces. The work consisted of building new laboratories and offices in an existing structure as well as renovations to a large industrial kitchen facility including new and upgraded electrical distribution equipment, mechanical systems, lighting, power, fire alarm and telecommunications.
Replacing obsolete draw-out feeder circuit breakers in a 1950’s era substation was the first major challenge. Partnering with Circuit Breaker Sales, Inc. of Gainesville, Texas, we were able to obtain replacements for the now obsolete circuit breakers. The shutdown of the facility during off-hours went smoothly, despite having to work with Army Corps maintenance engineers to operate a substation main circuit breaker that was known to be extremely difficult to turn back on after shutdown because of its age. The new distribution system also included many new panelboards, transformers and large feeders that varied from plastic-coated rigid steel conduit underground to EMT conduit run thirty feet above floor level.
Providing a brand new building-wide addressable fire alarm to replace the 1950’s era fire alarm, while maintaining existing protections was also a major challenge. This system was linked to a base-wide notification system and had to be tested from the food lab building and main guard station simultaneously. Partnering with Simplex-Grinnell, the installation was of the highest quality despite having to install conduit, wire and devices throughout occupied, highly congested and difficult to access portions of the building.